La Tour





As soon as we saw the little ruined tower peeping out from behind two huge parasol pine trees we were captivated. Fifteen years on, we still love it to bits and get huge satisfaction at the pleasure it brings to our visitors. There are so many aspects to enjoy: sights, sounds, perfumes, flavours, warmth…



Dating back to the sixteenth century, little is known about the tower’s purpose. But its position, its architectural style, the crossbow holes under its windows and the curious stone bench in the wall, it is possible that it was used as a watchtower, either at the end of the Hundred Years War or during the religious wars in the area.

Another theory is that it was provided as a refuge for pilgrims on their way to Compostella by the Knights Templar who controlled the area. Strange scratches on the stone could be either ancient marks to ward off witches or even an early Copernicus.



When we bought it, the tower had only a roof, windows and door. The previous owners had installed the beautiful lattice windows and had restored the roof with chestnut beams in the original style of the area. We used artist furniture makers to create stunning woodwork throughout the building.



Many of our visitors are fascinated by the huge variety of wild flowers and creatures in our little paradise. The wild prairie field has many different kinds of orchids, wild herbs and other interesting plants. Beautiful butterflies flit about in the spring and summer, crazy bugs have made their home, and nightingales will sing you to sleep.


Star Gazing

Because we are deep in rural France, light pollution is minimal and the night sky is a wonder to behold. Some keen stargazers bring specialist telescopes to view the galaxy at close quarters.



About the owners

The tower is owned by John and Nichola Fletcher and their two daughters Stella Fletcher and Martha Bryce. They live in Fife, Scotland.


Nichola Fletcher is a goldsmith and food writer. Nichola handles the bookings for the tower. Here she is celebrating her MBE.


John Fletcher is a vet specialising in deer; he keeps a small herd of rare white red deer and also writes books. Here he is relaxing on a log in the Highlands.


Stella lives in Porto, Portugal and works in intellectual property. She loves walking in the Portuguese mountains and swimming in deep river pools.


Martha is a director of Sound Bite, a food and drink PR company in Scotland. She lives in the old farmhouse in Fife with her husband and two daughters. She loves gardening.