About The Tower


About the Tower


The tower stands in its own private grounds of about 2 acres (.9 hectare). Dating back to the sixteenth century, little is known about its exact purpose but in view of its architectural style and the crossbow holes under its windows, the likelihood is that it was used as a watchtower, either at the end of the Hundred Years War or during the religious wars in the area.

Shady corner
Approach to tower

Most of the garden is kept purposefully wild as it is a stunning example of chalk land meadow with many species of orchid in the early summer and herbs such as salad burnett and marjoram growing freely. 

Culinary herbs have been planted in the flower beds around the tower for use by tenants. There is a wide terrace round the tower and another by the pool and many shady trees to sit under if wished. A hammock is provided.

The tower itself is a tiny gem which has been sympathetically restored. The roof was restored to its original state with impressive chestnut roof beams which are left exposed. 


The upstairs windows are latticed with handmade glass which casts a lovely golden glow in the rooms. 

The generous10m x 5m swimming pool in the garden is deep enough for diving and has Roman steps and a good-sized tiled terrace surrounding it. 

It is a non-chlorine pool using a salt exchange. The pool is unheated. The usual pool furniture is provided, and the lime trees provide shade as well. 

Tower and pool

The grounds are completely private and those wishing to sunbathe without clothing may do so without fear of intrusion.

An underground room at the end of the swimming pool houses the pool furniture and also the washing machine.

Accommodation in the tower

It should be appreciated that the tower is tiny and the first impression is sometimes one of incredulity!  However, once you start to move around in the spaces, it very quickly seems to expand and accommodates everyone willingly, as in all enchanted places. During the summer, most of the time is spent outside, either down by the pool or on the terrace which is perfect for eating out since it has shaded areas as well as parts in full sun. 

KitchenThe ground floor is the kitchen/dining room so wandering outside to the terrace with your breakfast/lunch/dinner is a matter of a few steps.

Inside, the dining area has a table, wooden bench and an original stone seat built into the wall, hand carved by a local mason. There is a large fireplace with a wood burning stove.  The kitchen area has a sink in the window recess and two stone cupboards set into the wall.


 The cooking area under the stairs is sunk into the wall and has an electric hob and fan oven, with fumed oak and slate worktop, cupboards and storage shelves (one of which exactly fits the French baguette), and a fridge with ice compartment. There is also an espresso coffee machine.  All the stairs and the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture in the tower are tailor-made from ash, inlaid with other hardwoods.



These steps lead to the first floor: a gorgeous bathroom (with private toilet in a separate closed room). The floor, walls and bath surround are lined with creamy white and grey marble and, as well as the wash hand basin, there is a large cast iron bath and shower. Because of the small size of the tower, the bathroom is open-plan, i.e. when you walk up from the ground floor to the second floor, you pass through the bathroom. It should therefore be noted that, apart from the toilet, privacy is not a feature of this (or any) room. Enjoy the view out of the window from the bath as you sip a glass of wine!



The second floor is the main bedroom, with three windows giving glorious views out over the surrounding countryside.  The unique handmade bed, the stand for the wash hand basin, and all the shelves, storage spaces and stairways have been created by The Workshop of Tim Stead from the Scottish borders. 


 There is also a hand carved slate basin, a bidet and very small wardrobe. There is a broad window ledge where you can enjoy morning tea/coffee looking out over the garden and surrounding countryside and listen to the church bell ringing every morning, midday and evening.


From this bedroom the stairs go up to the third floor which is the attic under the pointed cone of the roof. This can be used either as a second bedroom with a futon seat/bed, or it can be used as a small sitting room with TV/DVD player in case of wet weather. It has a Velux window and the roof has been insulated.

Upper bedroom


Upper bedroom

It should be appreciated that in order for occupants of the attic to get down to the bathroom, they have to pass through about 2 metres of the main bedroom. 

It should also be appreciated that the stairs up to the attic are steeper than standard stairs and are therefore unsuitable for young children or anyone who has difficulty walking. 

For this reason, we do not accept bookings which include children under 10 years old.

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